Boot stuck and boot looping Issues

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Boot stuck and boot looping have been a common issue nowadays and in this post we will help you to clarify it. Complete guide to fix a boot stuck or boot looped device.

Basically, there are three methods to resolve this issue.

1). Delete cache from recovery mode.

2). Perform a hard reset from Recovery mode.

3). Do a reinstallation of  firmware through the Odin tool.(PC required)


1)Delete Cache Partition from recovery mode.

You need to boot your phone to Recovery mode first.Power off phone>Press Volume UP+Power button at same time and when Phone model name logo appears then release all buttons.>Recovery Mode>Use Volume up and down keys to navigate and then Select Wipe Cache Partition>Confirm>Check it by rebooting if not rebooting then refer to step 2.

First of all you have to boot your device into recovery mode. Next, switch off the device > press volume button + power button simultaneously. Then you will be able to see the logo name of your device, and release all the buttons. Switch to recovery mode, and then use volume up + volume down keys to navigate. Select wipe cache partition > confirm and then check it after rebooting . If it fails then try the second option.

2) Perform a hard reset from recovery mode.

Switch off the device and then press the Volume Up + Power button simultaneously . As soon as the device logo appears ,release all buttons. Navigate to Recovery mode> wipe data > factory reset> confirm and finally reboot will begin. If it fails, then try the third option.

3) Do a reinstallation of firmware.


  • PC
  • USB driver installation
  • Official stock firmware

Step 1- Download the latest official stock firmware of your device.

Step 2- Download the Odin tool and install it on your PC.

Step 4- Extract the firmware files using an archive tool. You will get 5 files: AP , BL , CP , CSC_ , HOME_CSC_

Step 5- Insert each file to the related field in Odin.

Step 6- Next boot to download mode in phone by navigating to Recovery Mode>Reboot to bootloader.

Step 7-Install the compatible Samsung USB drivers to your device. Connect the device to PC then Odin will detect your device and a blue box will pop up with COM port number on it.

Step 8- Tap on the start button and wait for Odin to say 'PASS' in a GREEN box.  Then your device will take time to boot the device t after this process. Download Magsik manager on your device.

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