Samsung Odin General Troubleshooting Guide

  • If your Android Smart Phone gets stuck on the logo screen?

       Switch to Download mode and run/repeat.

  • If your phone won’t enter download mode?

       You can try three things:

  1. A USB jig - Don’t pin your expectations on this, this will rarely succeed in this scenario.
  2. 'Jumpstarting' – You may need someone else to give you a hand for this. Take the battery out of the phone and wait 30 seconds.

Next, press the button combination to enter download mode, and with this combination still depressed, get someone to put the battery back in. 

3. Take out the battery from your device, and re-insert it, but don’t turn the phone on. Next, plug in the charger while holding the volume down button. Keep holding the volume down button until you enter download mode.

  • If Odin id "non-functional" and "Failed" error messages displayed?

   First, Unplug and plug the device again. Next, turn the device into DL mode and unplug it again and re-plug. Odin will identify the device automatically and then clicks “Start”.

  • If you stuck with a random process or unable to proceed?

  Try with the latest Odin version available.

  • If Odin does not detect your Samsung?

  Try multiple re-plugging and unplugging. Remember to use a proper USB too. Odin comes with a wide range of device support, in fact, almost all Samsung models are compatible with Odin, but it is a must to check the device specs and tutorial before heading to the process.

  • If you're still not having any luck, then follow these steps.

1. Turn off both the computer and the phone. Fully shut down.

2. Disconnect the phone from the computer: the USB cable from both the computer and phone.

3. Boot up the computer. Log in and let it settle.

4. Startup Odin and let it settle.

5. Put the phone in download mode.

6. Connect the phone to a USB port.

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