Understanding Odin Terminologies

There you can find technical terms related to Odin. If you are a beginner to Odin then you will get confused. In this post, we have briefly introduced the Odin Terminology to users.

CSC (Consumer Software Customization) - This relates to a specific geographical carrier or geographical region. This consists of the software packages which relates to the carrier/region.

 PIT (Partition Information Table) - This will only need you if you come across any issue in the partition table or firmware required since modification in the partition table layout. Generally, you do not need to be concerned much about PIT.

BL (Bootloader): This used to flash the bootloader of your Samsung device.

AP (Application Processor or PDA): This consists of the core Android files. This option is known as “PDA” in previous Odin versions.

CP (Core Processor): This option is used to flash the Modem of the specific device.

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