Tablet had turned off from lack of power... I think it's been hacked?

edited September 2020 in Troubleshooting

So, my tablet had turned off from lack of power. I think it's been hacked, it was charging but can never charge fast enough to not die. Very slow charging. Anyway, I picked it up to try to turn it on and it wouldn't. I tried holding down the buttons like I have in the past to get it unstuck and the next thing I know, it's saying it's in Odin mode! I don't want to root my tablet! Can I just unplug the charger and see if I can turn it on or is there something specific I should do? Have I just destroyed my tablet?


  • If any of these scenarios sound familiar, it’s time to take action. Start by deleting any apps or games you didn’t download, erasing risky messages, and running mobile security software, if you have it. Warn your contacts that your phone has been compromised, and to ignore any suspicious links or messages coming from you. If the problem still doesn’t go away, consider restoring your phone to its original settings. Search online for instructions for your particular phone and operating system to learn how.

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