How to gain root access by flashing root packages (MD5 and .tar files) ?

With Odin, you will be able to gain root access by flashing root packages (MD5 and .tar files) on your Samsung Device. The software is normally used to restore the device to working condition. This is useful to users when it comes to conditions like crash, boot loop, or any issue related to software operations. You need to use a Windows personal computer to use this application since these files are compatible with Windows only. Flashing root can do many favors to users. They can fix system crashes, unstable apps, devices stuck at the logo, and bring the devices back to unrooted status.

Advantages of flashing root :

  • After being published by a producer company, It is usually quite stable upon release which means they stay without any changes, just like the way they had been published.
  • They contain supporting and warranty services that carry the official support by the firmware vendors, device manufacturers, and mobile service carriers.
  • Note: Your phone will be out of warranty.
  • Most importantly updates are pushed automatically to the devices by the carriers.

Disadvantages of Stock ROM:

  • Since updates of mobile phones’ OS, published by the producer company of that phone, updates are not frequent, since development is done mostly by corporations and there's no special circle for updates.
  • Providing feedback to the manufacturers when you face a problem is either a long, tedious process.
  • If the device manufacturer and operating system developer are different, every time the OS producer publishes an update, it needs to be edited by the phone's manufacturing company or the owner of the phone, to make the OS more compatible or to be able to make the applications compatible with the OS version. Therefore, some devices get updates delayed by months.

Let’s find out how to gain root access by flashing root packages (MD5 and .tar files)

Warning: Remember to make a backup because flashing stock ROM via Odin will wipe your data.


  • A Samsung Device with 30% - 40% Battery percentage to perform the flashing process.
  • Require a Windows PC
  • Download Samsung stock firmware. 
  • Download Odin's latest updates.
  • Samsung USB drivers
  • Enable USB Debugging on your Android device. Navigate to Settings > Developers options
  • USB data cable

Step Guide

Step 1: Download and install the Samsung Odin tool on your Windows computer and then execute the application as an administrator.


Skip this step if you have already installed the tool.

Step 2: Download and install Samsung USB Driver on your PC. You can find the corresponding driver software from Samsung's official websites.

Skip this step if you have already installed the device driver

Step 3: Download and extract the Samsung ROOT file.

  Visit the Odin download link in the navigation bar to find the corresponding firmware of your device.

  Skip this step again if you have already downloaded it on your computer.

After downloading the file (compressed file), extract/unzip it to Desktop or another location you’d prefer. You will be able to see ( .tar.md5. ) file.

Step 4: Boot your device into download mode.

  1. Power off your Samsung device.
  2. Press and hold the "Volume UP + Power + Home" button at the same time.
  3. When the phone vibrates, leave the power Key but keep on holding the Volume Down Key and Home key.
  4. Press the Volume Up key to enter Download mode, It will display a green robot figure with “Downloading.. do not turn off the target!! Which means you’re in download mode. 

Step 5: Connect your Samsung device to PC with a USB data cable.


Odin must detect your phone automatically. And you will be able to see the “Added” message in the Odin Log area at the lower-left of the Odin interface. In the meantime you could see a light-blue box at the ID: COM section stating "COM:3" (the number depends on which USB port you have plugged in the device cable and is irrelevant).

Step 6: Once your Samsung device is recognized by the Odin Tool, Click "AP" to add the ".tar.md5 file” from the Root extracted folder and wait for loading.

Once .tar.md5 file loads, check whether “Re-partition” option is not checked. Keep other options as by default and then click “Start” button.

Caution – Do not eject or operate on your device until the message “PASS” OR “FAIL” is displayed on Odin.

Step 7: When the flashing process is done and once you see the Green Pass Message indicating the flashing is completed.

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